Associate        2012 - present

Former Lawyer and Senior Diplomat, Kirsten has extensive leadership experience in a range of commercially oriented government, corporate, humanitarian and advisory roles. An associate with CBA Transformation, Kirsten is also CEO of RedR Australia and was previously Australia's Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner to Singapore, and Investment Commissioner to ASEAN.

During this period Kirsten was also Vice President of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. She has previously held senior diplomatic and commercial appointments in Paris, Bangkok and Taipei.

Kirsten was Australia’s Chief Negotiator and Delegation Leader to the APEC Women Leaders’ Network meeting and GFPN APEC 2009, and managed Australia’s delegation to the APEC CEO Summit the same year. She specialised in Asian, international trade, and comparative law, and she speaks English, Mandarin, French, Vietnamese, Norwegian and Swedish to various degrees.

ASSOCIATE - CBA GROUP        (2012 - present)

  • Management consulting and executive advisory roles delivering strategic international business, international development and humanitarian assistance leadership specialising in ASEAN, Asia-Pacific, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

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