CBA Strategic IT has invested heavily in the new cognitive era and is utilising its unique capabilities and extensive experience to drive the growth and development of CBA as a truly international company.  The company has a clear business strategy and know-how re how to execute this.  The Directors have seen business challenges change over the years, but never have they seen the kind of challenges decision makers are faced with today and the overwhelming volume of information that is flooding in

“Cognitive computing to bring structure to unstructured data sounds like an abstract notion, but the impact will be as significant as the shift to mobility.  The power to turn any form of data, at any scale, into useful insights will change how we live and work."     Forbes magazine 2016

CBA Strategic IT is now seeking a financial business partner to help drive its growth and development, including internationally. CBA is a trusted and selected IBM Cognitive Business Partner across Australia and New Zealand and a Business Partner of the global Weather Company.  CBA  has abundant revenue growth opportunities. These are through both its own cognitive apps and industry solutions R&D programme, and around the IBM One-Channel model which is focused on IBM business deals being transacted and delivered by approved Business Partners. CBA is also a Unicom Global Business Partner across Australia, New Zealand and SEA. The company's clients include large enterprise customers in the region.

The current Directors have vision, passion, international experience, drive and business acumen.  If the financial business partner has these qualities and is also interested in becoming active in the business, this is also possible.  The right person may not yet be fully aware of the cognitive era and IBM Watson technology but will be technologically and business savvy. There is an opportunity for future succession for the right Partner.  This is a genuine and great opportunity to join a business which is at the forefront of unleashing the potential of paradigm changing technology to deliver new industry-leading outcomes.  This might be a ‘returning Kiwi’ or other offshore or onshore person (not necessarily Kiwi!) who can see the scope and potential that CBA has been uncovering and developing. If you know of such people, please point them to this opportunity!


Contact is: Christine Bear, Managing Director. Email: Phone: +64 21 882 405