UNICOM® System Architect™ is a market-leading enterprise architecture tool that enables you to build and automatically generate data-driven views of your organisation’s enterprise architecture — its strategy, business architecture, operational architecture, data, application landscape, supporting systems, technologies, and infrastructure. Together, these views form a mosaic that delivers the insight and analytics necessary to describe current and future states of the enterprise along with interdependencies, risks, life cycles, and standards.

Empowered with this knowledge, your executives, decision makers, and managers can quickly and more effectively plan initiatives for improvement, due to a more thorough understanding of the reward, impact, roadmap, and risk of changes. You gain visibility of planned initiatives from the business through operations, solution architecture development, release management, and deployment (DevOps).

With System Architect™ you can:

  • Build capability-driven enterprise architectures
    • Create a line of sight from strategies to key capabilities to systems and technologies supporting them.
    • Take advantage of disruptive technologies and plan migration to the cloud.
    • Use industry-standard frameworks and patterns.
    • Perform master data management.
    • Create roadmaps of business transformation.
    • Produce dashboards to gain clear understanding of the big picture.
    • Perform Business Process Analysis with Simulation and Optimisation
  • Build operational and system architectures with defense architecture frameworks
  • Use market-leading support for DoDAF 2, NAF, and MODAF.
  • Build architectures using the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF 2).
  • Integrate with UNICOM®Focal Point™ for portfolio management.
  • Reverse-engineer and analyse ERP systems such as and SAP
  • Add-on Archimate architecture modelling language for SA