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Cognitive use cases.
IBM Watson is designed to support business uses across a broad range of industries and functional areas. IBM along with partners such as CBA, are initially focused on developing solutions in areas such as customer engagement, health care, finance, insurance, retail, travel/hospitality, and utilities. Indeed any organisation with the need to view and analyse disparate unstructured data sources providing an expert to advise and unlock hidden insights . A few use cases are highlighted below, and more are accessible in Blogs on this site.

Steps to a Watson solution
Cognitive computing is beginning to emerge as an opportunity and a threat for many businesses, especially information-intensive industries, such as insurance, health care, telecommunications, and banking. But others may also benefit from being early movers.
Figure 1 below outlines the basic usage patterns that can be used toward generating value from Watson and other cognitive technologies, to build a Cognitive Business.

Cognitive Capabilities
Systems that read, understand, and analyse human language and augment human cognition now become critical for the modern enterprise. Questions like, “What is cognition,” lead to many different discussions. Most can agree, however, that it includes the ability to understand language to learn and to form responses or hypotheses.

Specific uses leveraging this amazing new technology and expertise include;


Cognitive Exploration
The good news is that enterprise search has been around for decades and usually does an adequate job. The bad news is that the adequate job only provides lists of search results and a way to navigate and review the results.

  • Finding documents that contain certain keywords? Check. Searching relational databases? Check.
  • Coordinating search results from multiple internal data stores? Check.
  • Searching content outside the company, such as premium information services? Check.
  • Providing deep content analytics with mature supporting tools?
  • Providing unified information applications, and collaboration?
  • Providing advanced cognitive capabilities?

Those capabilities remain out of reach for the majority of players in the enterprise search arena. With Watson Explorer, you can keep enterprise search as the foundation and transform search into Cognitive Exploration. Leveraging technological advances such as deep search and exploration, advanced content analytics, and cognitive capabilities, IBM Watson Explorer provides a unified view of the information you need, combining data from multiple internal silos and a variety of outside datasets including social media. Stop limiting your search to traditional data sources in the new, non-traditional data world.

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