How CBA Strategic IT can Help?


There are two major elements involved in successfully implementing cognitive technology in your organisation.


  1. Determining where and how to use cognitive capability so you change the outcomes that your organisation can achieve.


It is a big leap for executive / senior managers to work this out on their own as cognitive computing takes you into a new paradigm of thinking strategically.

This is exciting, empowering and game-changing.  We help you with this.

  •  Remember, this is all about helping you to work out where and how to actually utilise the power of Watson for maximum effect.


  1. Ensuring the technical elements are seamlessly and effectively achieved.


CBA’s technical team has been heavily focused on learning and certifying in all aspects of IBM Watson cognitive technology.  And we have IBM technical support and backing at all times.

We help you by ensuring your cognitive solutions seamlessly connect with sources of information that you want Watson to learn, and that your approved-user experience is simple and delivers never-before-seen insights and information.


Introductory FREE workshop

If you would like an introductory free workshop session or discussion with any of your executive or senior managers, simply provide your details below and we will contact you to discuss and schedule this.

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