Unicom’s Other Products

UNICOM® have other products available from TeamBLUE

The following list of products are available from TeamBLUE, products that have been divested from IBM to Unicom (IBM's largest global Business Partner) and now fully supported by both Unicom and Business Partners such as CBA in ANZ and SEA.

  •   BTT  (Websphere Multichannel Bank Transfer Toolkit)
    • Faster Multichannel Application Development and Improved Runtime Infrastructure for Banks
  •    SPSS Data collection
    • These tools are exceptional as part of predictive analytics capability
  •    solidDB®
    • In-Memory Database Optimized for Extreme Speed and Extreme Availability
  •    PowerHouse® 4GL
    • High-Productivity Application Development Solutions
  •    PurifyPlus
    • Run-time Analysis Tools for Application Reliability and Performance
  •    UNICOM® Finance
    • Monitor the Financial Performance of Your Organisation
  •     UNICOM® Intelligence
    • Gain Insight into People's Attitudes, Preferences and Opinions


To find out more about each of these products please click on the  TeamBLUE logo below to go directly to the Unicom website.