iVis. Solutions

  • APM (Application Portfolio Management)

    APM (Application Portfolio Management)

    Application Portfolio Management in Focal Point from Unicom Focal Point is a simple to use Web based application that can…

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  • Utility Use Case

    Utility Use Case

    Outline of Power Utility (iVis.APP) Asset Planning & Prioritisation Powered by the powerful Unicom Focal Point technology, iVis.APP has been…

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  • Gallery – iVis. & Watson

    Gallery – iVis. & Watson

    Some simple slides to present some of the major features and benefits of iVis. in a context for Executive decision…

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  • APP Screenshot

    APP Screenshot

    This is a screenshot with explanation of an iVis. workspace featuring APP. This is part of an overview presentation of…

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  • iVis Short Overview

    iVis Short Overview

    This is to display images a slideshow. It is a basic overview of iVis. demonstrating some of the features and…

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