cba2logoThis is our Master Products page. We have our own iVis. products powered by technology that comes from Unicom Global. In addition we have added the capability of Watson Analytics to iVis, and also integrating the powerful 'decision frameworks' from iVis with the Watson Cognitive technology to reveal even more insights.





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  • Utility Use Case

    Utility Use Case

    Outline of Power Utility (iVis.APP) Asset Planning & Prioritisation Powered by the powerful Unicom Focal Point technology, iVis.APP has been…

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  • APM


    Application Portfolio Management in Focal Point from Unicom Focal Point is a simple to use Web based application that can…

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  • APP Screenshot

    APP Screenshot

    This is a screenshot with explanation of an iVis. workspace featuring APP. This is part of an overview presentation of…

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  • iVis Short Overview

    iVis Short Overview

    This is to display images a slideshow. It is a basic overview of iVis. demonstrating some of the features and…

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