System Architect V11.4.4.1

UNICOM® Systems, Inc. acquired System Architect from IBM on January 1, 2016.  We view System Architect® as a market-leading enterprise architecture solution that enables organisations to understand their current state and strategically plan transformations to future states and capabilities.

It has a natural fit with IT portfolio management, and Unicom Focal Point™, which Unicom acquired in 2014. The core System Architect® development team and support team transferred to Unicom, and Unicom has already augmented them with additional development resources.

Unicom Business Partner

CBA is the Unicom Global Business Partner representing System Architect in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia. We have Certification in System Architect and provide first line support and other services to System Architect customers. CBA will be your supplier for annual renewals, new license requirements, and for advice on aligning Focal Point™ with System Architect.



April 11, 2016 - System Architect® 11.4.4

This is the first release since the acquisition Released September 2016, has some new changes along with the major introduction of the Unicom Licensing Server.

System Architect 11.4.4 includes:

New help system
Rebranded product
New licensing software technology
Fixes to several important change requests


September 20, 2016 - System Architect®

Released September 2016, this second update version of System Architect® (, since Unicom acquired it, has some great new features along with the major introduction of an Archimate 3.0 Add-on.

System Architect includes:

Archimate 3.0 Framework support
Support for Reference Keywords in Report Generator UI
New Property Set Keywords
Object History can now display GUID
Update to Display Mode capabilities
Merge/Extract: filter by Explorer View
Improvement of Symbol assignments to diagrams in Meta Model Editor
New Display Mode option for Entity Relationship diagrams


To request this new release of System Architect®, please give us a call - or complete our contact form and we will get back to you at our earliest opportunity.

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