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UNICOM® Global Releases New Enterprise Architect Dashboard    

2017.01.31 - New Product offers Vision to Action with Live EA  Analytics                                                                

MISSION HILLS, CA – January 31, 2017 – UNICOM Systems, Inc. (“UNICOM”) has released System Architect®, which includes a new product – SA-FP Gadget Dashboard, as an enhancement to SA XT (System Architect eXtended Team. (web version)

“With SA-FP Gadget Dashboard, UNICOM has further integrated System Architect, our market-leading enterprise architecture tool, with Focal Point™, our popular and powerful decision analysis and portfolio management tool,” said Mr. Corry Hong, founder, president and CEO. “Dashboards can be customized per user, and can query different EA repositories or workspaces within a repository, enabling side-by-side comparison of current-state and future-state architectures, or competing future-state architectures.”

Enterprise Architecture analysis reports are served up live as open social gadgets in a pure web interface that utilizes Focal Point technology. Pivot tables enable end users to query the architecture without needing to know any of the underlying metamodel concepts such as ArchiMate®, TOGAF®, or DoDAF – to get authoritative information on the business and its underlying systems. A large array of out-of-box reports and gadget templates are provided, such as pie charts, bar charts, and roadmaps using state-of-the-art Data Driven Documents (D3.js) technology.

Users have the option to experience the comprehensive Focal Point Solution by invoking it with a paid license. At that point the dashboards from SA become mashed up with the portfolio analysis dashboards

of Focal Point. The tools also feature a data-driven and Open Services Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) integration – so that EA data can be mapped to Focal Point for decision analysis, and results mapped back to SA to run analytics on the architecture, with traceability between the two.

UNICOM Sees EA as Critical Link for Watson, Big Data, and IoT

UNICOM’s evolution of the System Architect and Focal Point products is integral to strategic decision making that harnesses the massive amount of unstructured data erupting with new technologies such as big data, video analysis, IBM® Watson® Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT). “Enterprise Architecture is critical in understanding new unstructured data within the context of the structured data of your organization found in its legacy systems,” said Corry Hong, founder and CEO of UNICOM. “The enterprise architecture component, along with business process analysis and portfolio analysis, is a critical link to move the business into new directions. UNICOM is uniquely positioned, with our extensive development resources, and knowledge of legacy mainframe and big data systems, to bring new capabilities and direction to the market.”

Other Advancements in System Architect

The System Architect release also provides a host of new features, including a new HTML-5, mobile-enabled output for SA Publisher, its EA web publishing tool, based on a new web technology component from UNICOM’s Macro 4® division called UX4. “The development teams from Focal Point and Macro 4 worked together with the System Architect development team to bring these new System Architect capabilities to the market quickly,” said Lou Varveris, Director of Product Management for Enterprise Architecture at UNICOM. “UNICOM brings strong development resources and teamwork to the table.”

UNICOM is a development-centered organization founded in Los Angeles in 1981 by Corry Hong, himself an Assembler programmer and architect who built the successful AUTOMON® product, based on IBM CICS® technology. UNICOM is a strategic partner of IBM, which it has transacted over 13 enterprise software transactions, including UNICOM Intelligence (the market survey and analysis suite formerly known as SPSS Data Collection), UNICOM Finance (formerly Cognos® Planning), PurifyPlus™ (for Application run-time analysis), solidDB® (featuring one of the fastest in-memory databases in the world), and UNICOM Banking Transformation Toolkit (formerly an IBM Websphere® product supporting rapid multi-channel application development for the banking industry).

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