CBA iVis Decision Support Solution

Utility Use Case

Outline of Power Utility (iVis.APP) Asset Planning & Prioritisation


Powered by the powerful Unicom Focal Point technology, iVis.APP has been configured specifically to provide an Asset Management Planning and prioritisation model for a major Power Utility.

Key elements of this system focus on providing a visual means of assessing multiple criteria simultaneously to inform the Engineers to which assets have a higher level of Risk or Asset Integrity value, therefore requiring investment or a project. At the same time the Executive are able to view a visual prioritisation model of the total budget that will minimise all Organisation Risk factors and optimise the overall spend required. In addition we provide a heat map of impact of Risk on a timeline to enable making deferment decisions.

At the lowest level, the Network assets are prioritised in terms of potential requirement of a project, the capacity and security assessment determines the priority for new assets (Network Growth). At this point Proposals are put forward, and a prioritisation model allows the engineers to determine the best Option should there be more than one available.


Proposals are then prioritised based on Criteria including Lost Opportunity, Feasibility, NPV Neutral, Environmental Impact, Risk of Not Doing, and Urgency/Severity estimate.