Watson Explorer

Watson Explorer - what it means.

Explores and presents relevant data and analytics

  • Access enterprise, cloud and external data
  • Quickly view relevant data, analytics and cognitive insights in one place
  • Create apps that pull in multiple data sources

Analyses information to reveal insights

  • Analyse unstructured data to reveal new insights
  • Reveal trends and patterns hidden in unstructured content
  • Get information tailored to business needs

Interprets information with Watson APIs

  • Integrate Watson cognitive APIs
  • Help employees understand content
  • Make better business decisions



More than just Search

(brings back relevance, context, and evidence)

Cognitive computing meets enterprise search

Watson Explorer is a technology platform that accesses and analyzes structured and unstructured content. Explorer presents data, analytics and cognitive insights in a single view. Explorer gives you the information you’re looking for while uncovering trends, patterns and relationships.

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