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Capabilities of CBA Strategic IT - possibilities we offer

We have built up expertise in management disciplines including the development and execution of strategy over the last 23 years. Along with these we have specialised in strategic IT for the past 15 years. As part of this we have established key business partnerships with IBM and Unicom Global to leverage world class technology and platforms.

In 23 years we have seen nothing as significant as this change.

This new paradigm will have greater impact than the introduction of mobile, and is not only changing the face of IT, but also how we are able to do business and how we can make smarter and better decisions.

How are we different?

Combining expertise built on decades of know-how with a natural ability to connect with people, we provide an experience built around paradigm-changing technologies that deliver tangible outcomes.

Empower you to drive new opportunities and disruption, and translate vision into the smartest decisions in your field Cognitive

Help you forge the path for your organisation into the future to enhance and accelerate previously unknown knowledge and insight Cognitive

Transform information into knowledge and insight to enable game-changing decisions Maybe with iVis and / or FP

Think unlimited knowledge, incomprehensible speed, game-changing insights, previously unseen patterns, new inferences, and identifying new relationships from vast amounts of unstructured information / Cognitive

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