Company Overview


CBA Group

CBA Group is both a leading IBM Business Partner and Unicom Global Business Partner across Australia, New Zealand and SEA, servicing many of the largest enterprise customers in the region with complete end-to-end solutions around world class technology.

As an Advanced IBM business partner, CBA stands out from competitors through its total focus on the new cognitive technology from IBM, plus decision support utilising Unicom's Focal Point (iVis.), and its unique capability to help customers get the business outcomes they expect from their investment.

Build a Smarter Business for a Smarter Planet

CBA Group: proudly New Zealand owned, yet global in operation and outlook ...

The Group was started 23+ years ago by the Managing Director Christine Bear, and has developed and grown over the years into international businesses working across ANZ and globally.

CBA brings innovative thinking, grounded in research, to ensure that our clients create organisations that are truly world class. We provide independent, objective, forward-focused thinking that helps organisations shape themselves for the future.


 Our Value Proposition

We believe that through cognitive technology and decision support we can empower all ‘smart’ organisations to become ‘disruptive’ and innovative, drive new opportunities, and thereby make the smartest investment and development decisions, making their organisations the leaders in their field.

CBA is focused on . . . .

Escaping traditional thought patterns and breaking some of the existing paradigms so that we can truly be at the forefront of thinking, creating & delivering for and with our clients.