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CBA have built a number of assessment visualisation and prioritisation applications that we have rebranded iVis. as they are truly interactive and visual. These applications provide a fantastic 'decision support' framework and means to really do true 'What-if?' scenarios.

Each application incorporates the ability to assess Subjective input along with Quantitative, includes Financial Modelling such as NPV or Monte Carlo analysis, an easy way to assess Risk and get it right, and true Value for Money assessment. iVis. truly helps the Executive Stakeholders understand and make the best investment decisions for the organisation.

Predict where risk is potentially at its highest both in impact and on a timeline. Take steps to mitigate or minimise the level of risk. Make the right deferment decisions.

The following list provides some of those that are ready configured and can be utilised as Software as a Service on our IBM SoftLayer Cloud Server;

  • iVis.APM              Application Portfolio Management
  • iVis.APP               Asset Planning & Prioritisation
  • iVis.CMPM         Cloud Migration Portfolio Management
  • iVis.CPS                Capex Planning for Stakeholders
  • iVis.ITPM             IT Portfolio Management
  • iVis.ProdPM       Product Portfolio Management
  • iVis.PPM               Programme Portfolio Management
  • iVis.SAM               Strategy Alignment & Prioritisation Model
  • iVis.SPM               Sustainability Prioritisation Model
  • iVis.TALENT       Talent & Professional Development Assessment
  • iVis.TRAC            Tender Response Assessment Comparator
  • iVis.TRADE         Trade Assessment Model
  • iVis.UNI                University Initiative Prioritisation

An example iVis. Overview ppt - Visual Environment.


iVis Solution Assessment example

We have included here an overview of the iVis.TRAC application to demonstrate some of the capability and ease of use to determine a truly weighted assessment showing value for money along with all other criteria. Please feel free call us to see iVis. demonstrated in your environment.


Making the right investment decisions for your business

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