Watson Conversations

What it can do for your business

Watson Virtual Agent is a new way to provide automated services to your customers. It offers a cognitive, conversational self-service experience that can provide answers and take action. You can easily chttp://cbastrategicit.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1979&action=editustomize your Watson Virtual Agent to fit your specific business needs, provide custom content and match your business brand. Additionally, deep analytics provide insights on your customer's engagement with the Watson Virtual Agent and help with the understanding of your constantly changing customer's needs.

How customers use itTelco Industry Customer Support

Cross-Industry Customer Service


Most of the questions your customers have come up time and again. Having live agensts respond to these is a waste of expensive, talented resource but finding the right digital approach that's effectove and appreciated by customers has been elusive.

Cross-Industry Customer Service


By deploying Watson Virtual Agent on the front-line of customer support you can offer customers a cognitive, conversational self-service engine that can provide answers and take action through a variety of channels at scale.

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