Building Cognitive Apps

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Bluemix provides pathways to create, deploy and manage applications swiftly and efficiently. Create new customer experiences by connecting your existing applications and backend data to the cloud with scalable APIs in Java or Node.js.

High performance runtime environments for Java and Node.js.

Choose from multiple Docker containers with the flexibility to move applications to the cloud.

Create, manage, integrate, and secure your APIs throughout their lifecycle.

Develop scalable applications in the cloud and quickly integrate them with APIs.

Data services
Leverage DB2 for your application development without the cost and infrastructure management of on-prem.

Developing Watson applications with Bluemix
IBM Bluemix® is the cloud platform in which you deploy applications that use IBM Watson™ Developer Cloud services Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The Bluemix environment supports a variety of approaches to creating, deploying, and running applications. Your first step is to create a Bluemix account by Registering for Bluemix. You can then develop applications by using the Bluemix web interface, the Eclipse IDE, or the Cloud Foundry command-line interface.

The remainder of this page introduces these different approaches for developing Watson services applications with Bluemix. The approaches are functionally equivalent and work equally well, so choose the method with which you are most comfortable.