Becoming a Cognitive Business

CBA Strategic IT is able to understand and help you build your cognitive journey. With over 23 years in strategic consulting to business we have the expertise and background to advise on how best to implement cognitive to your organisation. We have all the right partberships and have developed the right skillsets to know and…
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Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure - Truly Hybrid. The platform built to perform. Cloud is not a commodity. And no matter what you call it, computing doesn’t come out of the sky. It comes from physical hardware inside brick and mortar facilities connected by hundreds of miles of networking cable. And no two clouds are built the same…
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Security Solutions

Broad Range of Security Solutions. Welcome to the new era of security At IBM Security, we’re training a new generation of systems to understand, reason and learn about constantly evolving security threats. We’re beginning to build security instincts and expertise into new defenses that analyze research reports, web text and threat data – just like…
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Watson Analytics

Utilise the Power of Watson Analytics (on the Web)


A data analysis solution in the cloud, Watson Analytics guides data discovery and predictive analytics along with automatic visualisations and enables effortless dashboard creation.

CBA is able to help you craft and build your capability utilising Watson Analytics - in addition we can assist in configuring APIs to collect the data and prepare for more complex analysis. Also as an IBM Business Partner we are able to help you converting to the right prescription model. Give us a call to better understand your needs, and how we can help get you started with Watson Analytics.

Analyse trusted data

Data for analytics comes in many forms. Now you have a place where you can make sure it’s in synch. When you add your data — or connect to it — and start exploring it with automatic visualizations, you can trust what you’re using for your insights.

Answer business questionswatsonanalyt-answerbusiness

The moment you upload your data or tap into provided data sources, you can ask a question in your own words and automatically get a visualisation with answers. Drill down to examine the details or get a new and different perspective.

Take confident action on insights

Learn what’s most likely to influence outcomes. When you define a target, such as customer churn, won deals or product quality, you see the top drivers associated with the outcome. You can keep it simple or go in depth by exploring the math behind the findings. You’re now ready to take action — confidently.watsonanalyt-takeconfident

Tell a compelling story

Build a dashboard or an infographic and let the stories come. A simple drag-and-drop user experience creates beautiful visuals that can show your data off to its best advantage. Repeat this with the data you need to share. When you’re finished, you’re ready to make your point — compellingly.