Image record for AI

IBM AI breakthrough sees firm smash Microsoft's image recognition record 

Firm has developed distributed deep learning software to speed things up

IBM image record

BIG BLUE (IBM) has beaten Microsoft's AI image recognition accuracy record by developing distributed deep learning (DDL) software.

IBM said that, given any random image from a set of 7.5 million pictures from ImageNet-22K database, the trained AI model achieved 33.8 per cent accuracy, trumping the previous record of 29.8 per cent set by Microsoft back in October 2014.

What's more, IBM's system managed to achieve this in seven hours, while the process that allowed Microsoft to set the previous record took 10 days to complete.


What is Cognitive Computing?

In today's world unstructured data is growing at an enormous rate. We need better and faster technologies to make sense of it, to deal with it, and make better decisions. What is the new era of 'cognitive computing' all about?

Published on Aug 13, 2013

Can computers think like humans and help diagnose problems? Eric Brown of IBM Research discusses the new intelligence that is going to take healthcare into smarter directions.

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Social Media: Transforming the Way We Work

Work places have changed a lot with the newer social business. The millenials are engaged diffently today and they are expecting a greater engagement with business generally and looking to provide value from wherever they are.

Published on Dec 18, 2013

Scott Hebner, VP of Social Business Solutions at IBM, discusses how Social Business is transforming the way we work. He shares insight into how employers can better harness social tools to further internal and external collaboration, encouraging the sharing of employees' collective knowledge across the organization. The value for the employer is the flow of knowledge and expertise within the company, which then in turn benefits their customer experience. For the employees, they are able to share their knowledge with others who need it, and more easily find others with similar experiences and issues. Just one of the ways IBM Cloud, Mobile and Social Business technologies are changing our workplace.

Appscan Information

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