Applying Visualisation Capability

Visualising all Criteria Concurrently in Real-time.

One of the problems associated with assessing anything with a number of criteria is that as humans we eliminate each criteria until we have left what helps us to finally decide. Of course this is flawed as dependent on what our individual cognitive bias is, we will weight certain criterion disproportionately.

Within a group of decision-makers these could all be different criteria - such as Cost, or Risk, Lost Opportunity or Operational Expense. What is the perceived Value for Money and which offfers the best investment choice?

So in order to do a balanced assessment, we need to take all criteria into account concurrently visualised within a decision support framework. If we can also add Subjective criteria into this along with the Quantitative data, we are therefore able to add knowledge and experience to the equation.

iVis. Visualisation Frameworks and Assessment Models.

Built on the Focal Point technology originally from IBM and now from Unicom, CBA has developed a number of industry or discipline related assessment models that not only provide a very balanced perspective, but shows the real priorities. You are able to do deep dive assessments of Projects, Opportunities, Requirements, Assets, Cloud Application Portfolio, IT Initiatives, and Organisational Risks.

We are able to help you to understand Stakeholder perspectives, work out how to incorporate subjective input so that everyone has their say, and help you decide which criteria and what weighting model visually presents the truest picture. All this in real-time.

Talk to us about how iVis. can aid your decisions and have a better handle on what realistically can be deferred with minimal impact.



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