Welcome to the Cognitive Era!

“Cognitive computing (or 'Artificial Intelligence') to bring structure to unstructured data sounds like an abstract notion, but the impact will be as significant as the shift to mobility. The power to turn any form of data, at any scale, into useful insights will change how we live and work.”

Forbes magazine 2016

What we do

We empower you to drive new opportunities and disruption, and translate vision into the smartest decisions in your field.

CBA Strategic IT is a trusted IBM Business Partner and a Unicom Global Business Partner combining expertise built on decades of know-how helping business leaders develop and execute their strategy. We help you to unlock the art of the possible.

  • Cognitive Business
    Systems that read, understand, and analyse human language and augment human cognition now become critical for the modern enterprise. Questions like, “What is cognition,” lead to many different discussions. Most can agree, however, that it includes the ability to understand language to learn and to form responses…
  • Cognitive Centre of Competency
    The Watson Cognitive Centre of Competency helps Clients accellerate and scale the adoption of cognitive capabilities to build solutions that drive value from insights across the entire organisation and beyond. Leverage the IBM Watson brand and resources through CBA to transform your orgaisation into a Cognitive Business.…
  • Industry Solutions
    Cognitive use cases. IBM Watson is designed to support business uses across a broad range of industries and functional areas. IBM along with partners such as CBA, are initially focused on developing solutions in areas such as customer engagement, health care, finance, insurance, retail, travel/hospitality, and utilities.…
  • Unicom Global Solutions
    UNICOM's TeamBLUE brings a blend of world-class solutions and teams together with a common culture and history of customer success. As the formal Business Partner for Australia, New Zealand, and parts of SEA, we service/support products such as Focal Point and System Architect in this region. Formed…

How we help

Technology is the easy part, the difficult part is how you decide to use it to change your business – that’s where we come in.

Our capability

We have seen business challenges change over the years, but never have we seen the kind of challenges decision makers are faced with today and the overwhelming volume of information that is flooding in. Let us help you build a cognitive business.

Building Cognitive Capability

Digital business is converging with a new kind of digital intelligence

Decision Support with Focal Point

Assess with multiple criterea simultaneously along with Subjective input

Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud is about choice. Learn about the flexibility hybrid cloud solutions bring

Security Solutions

A whole range of security solutions including mobile with MaaS360 on the Cloud

Latest from our blog

Read from a range of our own, IBM or other interesting blogs that we believe sheds light on the range of technologies and capabilities available through CBA Strategic IT

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  • Watson Virtual Agent

    Newly released this is an amazing cognitive application that can be applied generically to most organisations. Please ask us about how this can be applied or for a demonstration. Let…

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  • System Architect V11.4.4.5 (latest version) Oct 2017

    Released September 2017, this new update version of System Architect (, since Unicom acquired it, has some great new features along with the major introduction of an Archimate 3.0 Add-on.…

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  • Rather fail with honour

    Published on March 6, 2016 Rather fail with honour than succeed by fraud        Erwin Versleijen Executive Search | Management Consulting Just over the past few weeks I saw…

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  • MaaS360 Mobile Security

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  • Hidden in plain sight

    Little secrets Hidden in Plain Sight Published on February 26, 2016 - LinkedIn Erwin Versleijen Executive Search | Management Consulting This morning I watched a webcast called “Hidden in Plain…

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